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Google Auto Play Solution:

Animated GIFs work as splash images with EBG when using a self-hosted video (when the video file is stored on your server or on a CDN like Amazon S3Create your animated). At this time, it does not work when a YouTube video is used as the source video URL.

Size your animated gif with the aspect ratio of 16:9 — for example: 1920×1080 or 1280×720…. or smaller if your video is initially displayed smaller. For example, if your video is displayed on screen at approx 500px wide, then the width of the GIF is 500px — and you would figure the height like this: 500 X 0.5625 = 281.25, so the height would be 281px. This will prevent distortion.

You can create animated GIFs with ease here:

To put your GIF in as the video splash image:

1. Click the EBG video settings “Splash Images” tab
2. Next to the “Splash Image URL” field, click Browse to select the GIF or paste in the link.
3. On the “Appearance” tab under “Appearance & Layout”, check the box “Hide Play Button”
4. Click “Save Video Changes”
5. Click “Update” to save the changes to your page

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